minimalist islamic prayer time app

Elegant, Functional, Minimalist, Exclusive
preloaded with accurate offline prayer time

iman app is loaded with offline database provided by islamic authorities for Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, Pusat Da’wah Islamiah Brunei and Kementerian Agama Republik Indonesia

option to use standard calculation methods

For the rest of the world, there are option to use either Muslim World League, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Egyptian General Authority of Survey, Umm al-Qura University Makkah, University of Islamic Sciences Karachi, Institute of Geophysics University of Tehran, Leva Research Institute Qum calculation methods, Moonsighting Committee Worldwide, Union of Islamic Organisations of France, Egyptian General Authority of Survey (Egypt), Fixed Ishaa Angle Interval (90 minutes after Maghrib)

configurable prayer time notifications and calculations

For more accuracy, the calculations are configurable with specific corrections such as Asr jurustic selection (Shafii/Hanbali/Maliki or Hanafi), set high latitude overwrite, auto DST or manual overwrite, configurable prayer time notifications with optional extra earlier notifications

Other AWESOME features

iman app is fully supporting accessibility voice over feature, compatible with all iPhone screen sizes, customisable adhan and additional fajr adhan notification sound, pre loaded with Al-Mathurat, tasbih counter, adhan information, 99 Allah’s names, 25 Prophets names, flip-clock display and many more!

iman app comes with iOS Today's widget so you can quickly get the latest prayer time from the notification center. There are also two widget style to be selected from the app settings. The app user interface itself is customizable with more than twenty selectable colors. You may set the header color, body color and even the content color. Use your creativity for the best color combo that pleases your eye

who are we

We are people with passion to produce quality Islamic apps
iman prayer time app

iman is an undeniably awesome minimalist prayer time notification app for muslim brothers and sisters, and also for not yet Muslims :D You'll know the perfect time to arrange meetings and outings with ur fellow muslim friends :D iman App is also The FIRST iOS prayer time app that utilizes Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia prayer time data in Malaysia. Win! Our tweethandle: @imanAppTweet & hashtag: #imanApp

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